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IWC 2005: I never cease to be amazed by the western media

This is the most incorrect thing I think I have seen this year to date:

Tokyo's Institute of Cetacean Research "openly supports unfettered access to whales, hunting without limits, and no international regulations. In other words, when the institute draws attention to an abundance of whales, imagine Gollum slobbering over that ring."

Good grief... there are no whalers or whaling organizations in the world that "hunting without limits". The International Convention for the Regulation of Whaling, which the Japanese whalers often quote in their argumentation, is designed precisely to set up whaling operations within limits.

Then check this one out:
"Early on the IWC was dominated and controlled by pro-whaling nations"

Oh my goodness... the International Whaling Commission, dominated and controlled by pro-whaling nations???? What is strange about a club of whaling nations running their club?
What about the status quo now, where we have a whole bunch of nations, who are signatory to the ICRW, yet completely oppose all forms of whaling, controlling the IWC? It doesn't make sense at all.
What on earth was the author of this article smoking...

There is little hope of the general populace ever gaining a clue about whaling when there is such gross misinformation being disemminated via the western media. Where is the source of this nonsense? My pick is that someone is making money out of this...

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