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IWC 2005: Yet more nonsense from Australia

An independent Australian research has got his voice into the news media, and again provided confirmation of the fact that the humpback population is on the increase.
"He agrees that [humpback] numbers have recovered significantly since the moratorium on hunting in 1986."

And this is what the grossly biased western media ought to be reporting far more often.

Unfortunately however, as we have seen in recent days the politicians are spouting off in such a manner as to make one think that the Japanese are not concerned about the possibility of exterminating the "endangered" humpbacks.
Many media reports fail to mention that the apparent Japanese proposal is only reported as requesting a quota of 10(*) humpbacks.

It's common sense that the risk of driving a species to extinction is when the members of that species are dying (through natural causes or hunting) at a faster rate than they are replenishing.

Last year Australian researchers were talking of a 10% per annum natural rate of increase. It's clear that a quota of 10 humpbacks would pose no threat to the species.

When will the biased Western media report the facts?

Too bad the independent researcher spoiled his article, by subsequently adding that "It's not silly stuff or emotional stuff, but it's actually the reality of it - these animals don't deserve to die and that's the way these people are planning to kill them."
Um, what animal DOES deserve to die? (OK, I know my dad doesn't like dogs, and I don't like politicians much, but other than those...)

He also made the well and truely outdated claim that large animals like whales cannot be humanely killed. Rather than blabbing off to the media about it, he might like to tell the IWC's Working Group on Whale Killing Methods that they are wasting their time (like they would know anything about it, right?).
The reality is that using modern whaling methods, whales can be killed in a more humane manner than other hunted animals, and work is ongoing to improve the situation even further.

* 10 humpbacks is the most commonly reported number at this stage, although NZ embarassment, nutcase Chris Carter says he thinks the number is 80 - but don't be surprised if this is a made up value to increase his chances of an election year headline. We'll find out more later this month when the IWC's Scientific Committee meets.

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