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Back from Tochigi

Earlier this evening I got back from a nice little trip up to Tochigi (I will probably upload some pictures later). The Onsen we stayed at was really nice ( Matsuya ), and there was a very scenic waterfall / river nearby.

Also, I completed my little mini-goal of installing Enlightenment 17 from the anonymous CVS repository this evening too. I got stuck previously on the very last library required before building Enlightenment itself, but I checked out the source again and rebuilt everything from scratch. Just a matter of running 1) ./autogen.sh 2) make, then 3) (as root) make install, and finally 4) ldconfig to update the shared library info or something like that. Everything went fine this time around. Maybe cvs was broken before.

Anyway, indeed Enlightenment 17 looks pretty flash. My poor 2.5 year old laptop didn't handle the flashiest of the graphical eye candy too well, but for normal use it seems plenty snappy enough.

I also gave "Entrance", the graphical login manager for Enlightenment a go too, looks pretty nice, and after some road bumps I got eRSS (an RSS feed reader for Enlightenment) installed as well. Initially when I tried to run the ./autogen.sh script for eRSS I got an error complaining about xml2-config not existing in my path. Eventually I found a page via Google that indicated that the xml2-config binary is available in the libxml2-dev package, and after installing that I was set.

I will probably demonstrate with some screenshots later on, but eRSS will keep me updated on any changes to my favourite news sites. Here's my eRSS config file for Rodney Hide's blog:

Seems to work ok!

[UPDATED]: Well, the xml gets eaten up by blogger.com when I submit the post, so forget about it :-) No one reading this will ever probably run eRSS anyway!

How was the trip? Ok, i have a question about Enlightenment 17 CVS. How does this work? Can I use it for windows??? Don't have time to read all the bullshit stuff on their website, though I am sure the answer is there. So decided to ask you instead. Dear Teacher Mr David, please oshiete kudasai! :)
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