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New Zealanders eating whales

Hahaha, this is the funniest thing I could possibly have to read on a Sunday morning - New Zealanders eating meat in Tokyo.

Well excuse me! I had a whale steak lunch in a Shibuya restaurant a couple of months ago just before I went back to New Zealand. I totally concur with Eugene Rees - the whale steak certainly did taste like beef and the food sure was dead. A lot of foreigners come to Japan and sampling whale meat is not something people shy away from. And Rees is also correct that what Japan does in it's exclusive zone is it's own business, although more accurately, what Japan does related to whaling in international waters in accordance with the International Whaling Commission's rules is also their own business.

As far as the criticism of these New Zealanders - since when was New Zealand a fascist state where individuals aren't allowed to disagree with the (in this case ludicrous) position of their government?? Hopefully this will spark a little further debate. It would be great to see Rees, who seems to have his head screwed on right, go head to head with Chris Carter (a nutter, who should grow up and stop embarassing his country) on a TV debate (something like Holmes). New Zealand's position is totally indefensible in any rational debate, and Carter would surely be on a hiding to nothing - just like the NZ government's stoopid "NO WHALING" policy.

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