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2004 Bledisloe Cup!!

The big game is coming up this Saturday!! With New Zealand and Australia clearly the two best international rugby teams in the world at present this is going to be the best rugby this year! Once again I have been talking up the All Blacks to a victory, but unlike last year when I bet my boss and workmates a free lunch that we would win the World Cup, I'm playing it safe this time... But it is a safe bet that it will be a top class game. Can't wait!!

As I write this it is about 2.5 hours before kickoff. Here in Wellington, there has been persistent drizzle for the last two days, and it's still going.

So conditions underfoot are likely to be somewhat damp. Wet conditions are always a great leveller, but here's hoping...
Just finished watching the delayed coverage here in Japan - they showed it from 22:00. Looked like pretty horrible weather, but the best team obviously won.

They had some Japanese guys commentating the game (the game was being used as a "beginners guide to rugby" here, so there was no English commentary), and at one stage Chris Jack fielded a miskick from the Australians while he was covering at wing. "Here's a chance!!" cried the commentator, but with 30 metres to the line and 15 Australians to get through, perhaps that was a little too optimistic, as good as Chris Jack is...
Hi David,

It has been a cracker of a day here today. Much to our surprize. It is a pity they didn't have it for the game last night. Good we won!

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