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David @ Tokyo

Perspective from Japan on whaling and whale meat, a spot of gourmet news, and monthly updates of whale meat stockpile statistics



Uh Oh

Got quite a shock at my first day back at work today.

My boss is no longer my boss.

My old boss was responsible for me being hired in the first place and seems to hold me in pretty good regard. Maybe things will work out fine with the new bosses but I will be training my eyes on the classifieds just in case...



My blog now has photos!

After RTFMing a bit I figured out an easy (sort of) way to get photos
online here too. The previous posts below are an assortment of shots taken during my 2 week holiday back home in New Zealand. The second set of shots around Wellington were taken on my N900i mobile phone.


Wellington's most famous building - The Beehive, home to all the pollies Posted by Hello


Some really old building on Wellington's Lambton Quay Posted by Hello


PWC's A. Chen and myself Posted by Hello


Datacom boys - Masda Pingu and Simon Posted by Hello


Classic student lunch - natsukashii!! Posted by Hello

The contents: A white chocolate Cookie Time (I ate that last), a sausage roll, a pie, and a bottle of Pump. Yeah.


Wellington Cable Car Posted by Hello


Wellington's Civic square Posted by Hello


2 carriage J'ville line train pulling into Crofton Downs station Posted by Hello


Johnsonville line rush hour at Wellington station Posted by Hello


Wellington's Courtney Place Posted by Hello


Wellington's Cuba Mall Posted by Hello


With Mum and Dad in the back garden Posted by Hello


Dad's sports machine Posted by Hello


A break to enjoy the view of the snow capped mountains on the way to Palmy Posted by Hello


Someone just insulted our family?!?! Posted by Hello


Chilling with Sista Helen Posted by Hello


Back home after the flight from Tokyo Posted by Hello


"World Champion" English Rugby team

Honestly, has there ever been such a crap "world champion" team in *any* sport in history *ever*?

The English rugby team were annihilated *again* last night, this time by Australia (which makes it even funnier).

At least they managed to score some try's this time I guess, but
51-15??? I wonder if Sir Clive had any more insightful thoughts after
the match, like his "we are still better than the All Blacks" crap after they lost 2 tests at an aggregate score of 72-15...

Here are the latest IRB World Rankings
Somewhat amusingly, the Zurich Rankings (based out of England) still
have England at the top of their rankings . They were knocked off their perch earlier in the year, but somehow managed to get ahead of New Zealand again. Maybe they gave up revising the standings after England's pitiful form down under.



Back in Tokyo

I arrived back in Tokyo yesterday morning after another mostly sleepless overnight flight from Sydney to Tokyo.

At baggage claim I found my suitcase was pretty broken, and the wheels were slanted on a 45 degree angle (like a F1 car). Not particularly easy to handle when you have to drag it along the ground, so I had it takkyuubin'ed back to my apartment for 1700 yen. This saved me the hassles of dragging it on and off trains and getting a cab from Ayase station back to my place. The takkyuubin people told me it would arrive between 15:00 and 20:00, and it came bang on 15:00. All my CD's arrived safely, hopefully the airmail package I sent to myself does as well. This airport takkyuubin service is one that I will definitely use again.

It was quite cool in the morning (about 20 degrees), but pretty hot and sticky - I guess it must have cracked 30 degrees during the day.

I thought about going to Roppongi or someplace to watch the All Blacks v Argentina test match, but feeling a little jet lagged I stayed home and listened to the commentary at tvnz, but it sounded like a pretty scrappy game. After all the changes to the team there shouldn't be many surprises that they didn't gel too well.




Over the coming weeks, months and years (???) I will be posting various comments here on this blog o' mine. Looking forward to your comments and feedback.


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